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Why do you need to know about brand licensing

Well, simply put, if you throw brand licensing into your marketing activity and you’ve got a new income stream that manages itself. You will literally be making money while you sleep. The ultimate dream.


So, what is brand licensing?

Brand licensing is the leasing of your brand or, more generally, an intangible asset for a specific amount of time and money.  You can see examples of brand licensing everyday if you look out for it, think about your weekly trip to the supermarket…if you take a look down the candy aisle can you see how many products in this aisle uses Disney or popular branded children’s characters to sell their candy?

This is brand licensing. Disney has leased their branded characters to big candy brands to help them sell more candy and in turn Disney gets more exposure of their characters without having to put in much work themselves.

This of course has its risks, you may not like the way your brand is being used or you may feel as though you have lost control of your brand.

Don’t worry. You can combat this. To protect your brand story, you can put stipulations and guidelines around it so no one can change it.

This is just a small part of brand licensing. Before you even start thinking about getting your brand licensed you will need to build a stable, established and valuable brand that others will want to license and I can show you how…

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Create, Rent & Bank your Ideas
How to turn your ideas into a licensing $$$ money machine




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