We all go through a storm at some point of our lives; some of us may unfortunately have to face many of them. This is a fact of life. Storms are unavoidable but it is how we weather the storm that makes or breaks us. As strong, women entrepreneurs we MUST face the storm head on. If we do not, we will not succeed.

As the popular saying goes: life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain!

So let’s learn how to dance in the rain…

Have faith in religion and in yourself

Firstly, you must have faith in your Gods, whether you’re Christian, Hindu, Jewish etc. They have a plan for you. Believe that. They are testing you. You have a destiny, planned by the Gods that only you can fulfil.

Secondly, you must have faith in yourself. You have the power to get through the storm, if you didn’t the Gods would not put you though it. You must believe in yourself, you have been through so much already and I know you can make it through whatever it is your storm is bringing.

Take inspiration and advice from others

Although you were made to get through your inevitable and unavoidable storm, you cannot do it alone. You need help. Whether that’s support from your loved ones, a mentor or inspiration from others who have weathered their own storms.

Your loved ones can act as your emotional support, they’re there when you need a hug you when you’re close to tears or to make you laugh when you’re feeling low. They will always be by your side no matter what but what they won’t provide is the brutal truths that you sometimes need to get you through.

Your mentor can push you, give you the hard love and honest truths to get you in to gear. They can do this because they have travelled the same path as you’re walking now, they have been through the storms that entrepreneurship brings and they have made it through the other side. They understand business and they can help you.

Your storm may bring to you struggles that you feel you simply cannot overcome, here you need inspiration from those who have suffered in a different or far worse way to give perspective. You may find this inspiration from books, life stories, films or simply inspirational quotes from those who have conquered their storms and become successful.

You will find the inspiration and advice you need to weather the storm.

Face your storm

Take action

When your storm comes, you cannot just sit there and  wait for the storm to pass, you cannot feel sorry for yourself, you must get up and take mitigating action. You must learn to dance in the rain. Start by finding your support network, in God, in your loved ones, in a mentor. Speak to people about your storm they may have experienced something similar or they could help you to view your storm in a different light.

You need to manage your storm, take control and do not let it overwhelm you. Use your support network to do this. Together you can make it through.

I believe in you. You can overcome your storm and make it through the other side with your support by your side. You will not only make it through you will learn how to dance in victory, the rain will begin to slow and eventually end as you become victorious.