It’s December first, the last month of the year and as the end of the year draws ever closer I see the people around me reflecting and reviewing their 2017’s. Take a minute now to review your 2017. Have you had much luck? Have you made a success of yourself? Have you accomplished that one special thing you’ve always wanted – whether that’s an achievement in life or in business?

Success can often look like it is eluding us, particularly when we are in the throes of a dry season or perhaps a season of rest where it may look like nothing seems to be moving. Have you ever longed so hard for something, worked so hard, prayed and fasted so hard and it just seem like that desire is not being fulfilled?

Here’s the game changer, this is the one thing, the one success factor you’re missing out on. This is the one ingredient we often toss out ever so quickly when we are faced with challenges, yet without it, it is impossible to achieve our dreams.

have faith success 2017

This ingredient is so important for reconnecting with our passion and re-engineering our life purpose if needs be. The success factor is relentless and unadulterated faith. Without faith it is impossible to please our heavenly Father. When you have brought a request to his alter, we must leave it at the alter and not worry about it. I know, it is often easier said than done. In the face of adversity, no matter how difficult it is, no matter how it looks, we must exercise faith and believe that He has heard our cry.

There is a success season for everything under the sun. Your friends have their own seasons and so do you. It may seem that great things are happening to your friends and your season of greatness may appear to have been delayed. That does not mean that God has not heard your prayer, it simply means that your season is yet to come. A word of advice, stay in your lane, stay in your lane with GRATITUDE, rejoice for others who are in their season. Stay in expectation of your own success, it is nearer than you think and you can do things to make your season come early.

Now, think how has your 2017 really been? You have one month left to make 2017 count. What can you do to achieve something and make a difference?

Could you do some charity work? Could you take a course to improve your skills and knowledge? Could you take that trip you’ve always wanted to do?

Make your 2017 count today. Become a success. I believe in you.