Many people live their lives in fear; fear of failure, embarrassment or of loss. These fears control the lives of many people, truly holding them back from success and realizing their own dreams. It is inner demons that talk many of us out of success and install a huge lack of confidence. Today we will discuss how fear can be conquered with determination, tenacity, knowledge and logic.

A lack of self-confidence that has stemmed from a fear of failure is one of the biggest problems faced by my clients. The beliefs you often have about yourself, that self-doubt that is constantly in your mind and spreading fear, often appear to be fact although actually they are really only opinions and figments of your mind which you have developed and dwelled on. These opinions you have of yourself are based on the experiences you have had throughout your life which have shaped you into the person you are today.

Your experiences are both positive and negative; for example, failing a test at school may have severely knocked your confidence. Alternatively, you could have turned that failure into something positive and become a stronger and more determined person because of it so you do not fail again. Fear and lack of self-confidence often stem from taking an experience and turning it into a negative one.

take control of fear

When you take a step back and look at the experiences you feel may have ignited your fear you will be able to find both a positive and negative outcome for pretty much all of them. By doing this it will enable you to think more logically about why you are fearful and this in turn will help you to tackle your fears. When you begin to understand your fears and where they came from you will have the knowledge and power to overcome them.

Changing your beliefs about yourself, the way you look at experiences and your overall mindset is an absolute must if you ever want to conquer your fears. When you do this you will gain the self-confidence, the motivation and the inspiration you need to get up and take back the life you had lost to fear. You may decide to go out and make your dream a reality or even just do that one thing you have always wanted to do but have always been to fearful. I know that it is always so much easier said than done but I believe in you. Just take it one step at a time. Look back into your past and consider those experiences that have made you fearful. You can do it. You can be free of your fear.

Until next time… Be inspired, be motivated, be of sentimental value and be authentic in everything you do!

Yours always,