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Want to take your business overseas?

Tired of seeing the same clients all the time?

Struggling to expand your business?

It’s time for you to make your impact on the world.


It’s time to exchange your currencies and take your business global…

Exchange your Currencies

The amazing International Business Strategist and Cross Cultural Consultant, Wendy Alexander, shares with you her inspirational experiences of starting a business in the Middle East. In this incredible course Wendy gives you essential knowledge and tools to take yourself and your business global!

So if you want to expand your business and take it overseas it is vital that you take this course. Take the course at your own pace and come back to it anytime with your own online learning area.

Take Your Success Global

Course Curriculum


Dr. Fumi introduces master storyteller, Wendy Alexander, International Business Strategist and Cross Cultural Consultant. Wendy shares her inspirational story and tells you how she can help you go global, with a particular focus on the Middle East. Together they outline the course content to give you a clear understanding of how this course will aid your mission.


Wendy Alexander talks you through what to expect and the culture shock that you may experience when you position yourself in the Middle East. Wendy debunks common myths and shares her first hand experience of travelling and working in a different region.


In this lesson Wendy gives you an overview on important laws and cultural regulations you will need to abide by while working out in the Middle East on your journey to become a global entrepreneur.

Global Mindset

You will learn about the importance of taking your mindset from local to global. She shares with you her incredible experiences of when she started to fully embrace another culture and how you can do the same.


There is a lot of preparation you will need to undertake to set up a business in the Middle East, in this lesson Wendy covers everything from the different visa options to her top tips that she’s learnt through experience.


Wendy gives you key information that will enable you to establish solid foundations in the Middle East. She shares with you how to seek out opportunities, which opportunities to take and the best way to fully embrace them.

Doing Business

In this lesson you will learn about the importance of networking and meetings. You will discover the different types of meetings, how you can find them and how you can start your own events. You will learn how business is conducted in the Middle East and best practice.

Risk and Rewards

Wendy takes you through the risks and rewards of doing business or starting a business in the Middle East. She guides you through the different opportunities that are out there and also discusses how to mitigate risk.

Planning, Research and Marketing

This incredibly important lesson teaches you how to create a plan to help you go global. Wendy guides you through everything, from implementing strategic marketing to actually finding a business location that suits you.

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