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Conquer your Fears Part One: Take a Step Back

January 12th, 2018 by

Many people live their lives in fear; fear of failure, embarrassment or of loss. These fears control the lives of many people, truly holding them back from success and realizing their own dreams. It is inner demons that talk many of us out of success and install a huge lack of confidence. Today we will discuss how fear can be conquered with determination, tenacity, knowledge and logic.

A lack of self-confidence that has stemmed from a fear of failure is one of the biggest problems faced by my clients. The beliefs you often have about yourself, that self-doubt that is constantly in your mind and spreading fear, often appear to be fact although actually they are really only opinions and figments of your mind which you have developed and dwelled on. These opinions you have of yourself are based on the experiences you have had throughout your life which have shaped you into the person you are today.

Your experiences are both positive and negative; for example, failing a test at school may have severely knocked your confidence. Alternatively, you could have turned that failure into something positive and become a stronger and more determined person because of it so you do not fail again. Fear and lack of self-confidence often stem from taking an experience and turning it into a negative one.

take control of fear

When you take a step back and look at the experiences you feel may have ignited your fear you will be able to find both a positive and negative outcome for pretty much all of them. By doing this it will enable you to think more logically about why you are fearful and this in turn will help you to tackle your fears. When you begin to understand your fears and where they came from you will have the knowledge and power to overcome them.

Changing your beliefs about yourself, the way you look at experiences and your overall mindset is an absolute must if you ever want to conquer your fears. When you do this you will gain the self-confidence, the motivation and the inspiration you need to get up and take back the life you had lost to fear. You may decide to go out and make your dream a reality or even just do that one thing you have always wanted to do but have always been to fearful. I know that it is always so much easier said than done but I believe in you. Just take it one step at a time. Look back into your past and consider those experiences that have made you fearful. You can do it. You can be free of your fear.

Until next time… Be inspired, be motivated, be of sentimental value and be authentic in everything you do!

Yours always,

Two NEW Courses to Launch your Success

January 5th, 2018 by

Following the massive success of the new Storyteller Bistro online school, I am super excited to announce the imminent release of not one but TWO new courses!!! These two courses perfectly complement the learning we already have on Storyteller Bistro and will help you to continue to develop and grow your success. Now, allow me to tease you with an overview of these brilliant new courses…

Are you ready to impact the world? Are you ready to say ‘yes’ to your greatness? Are you ready to start your business? Well, say ‘hello’ to Passion Plan, a success model developed by yours truly. This course will guide you through writing your own passion plan to make your own success. So if you are ready to say ‘YES’ to your greatness, this is the course you need to succeed in making your passion and your vision a reality. This brand-new course will give you actionable steps to enable you to write your passion plan and launch your success.

passion plan masterclass

This masterclass is made up of six lessons, each of which shares with you the knowledge, tools and actionable steps that will enable you to unlock your passion plan and consequently your success! This masterclass works perfectly in partnership with 7 Days to your Amazing Life.

Now to something even MORE exciting, a masterclass debut from my great friend and global entrepreneur, Wendy Alexander. Exchange your Currencies is an incredible course that will enable you to position yourself in the global market. There is no one more suitable than Wendy to teach the course, her experience is second to none, she has grown and developed her own business in the Middle East and her success continues to flourish globally.

Exchange your Currencies Masterclass

In nine comprehensive lessons Exchange your Currencies guides you through everything you need to know about going global; from the different laws and cultural regulations, to the importance of opening your mind to fully embrace a new culture and building your success in a different region. Wendy debunks common myths about the Middle East and even takes you through the different visa options you should be considering. So if you’re ready to become a global success this masterclass is a MUST.

Are you excited?

Me too…

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HUGE Holiday Discounts to bring you Success in 2018

December 17th, 2017 by

The holidays have begun with many of you getting into the festive spirit and taking a well-deserved break from the daily grind! BUT it doesn’t always have to be a GRIND. You could transform your daily grind into something you actually enjoy. You could make your own success rather than just growing someone else’s.

How do you do it? Well, that’s why I’m here; I’m here to help deliver your success. I have built by success, I am delivering my vision and I am living my very best life. To help you make your vision a reality, as I have done, here’s your special gift, take advantage of it now before it expires:

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You can get the success you deserve in 2018. Imagine making going to work not seem like work at all!

This vision can be yours, you just have to grab it right now with both hands. Do not miss out on your success, do not miss out on these amazing discounts.

Get the Confidence you Need to Make it in 2018

December 14th, 2017 by

Today we’re talking about the here and now. The past is gone and learning how to deal with the future is the key. I want to give you the confidence to leave the past behind you and move forward to make 2018 the most successful year yet.

The way you adapt to life and respond to life, the way you modify how you respond to the past and your past experiences will reflect on how you deal with life in general. Today we will talk about the importance of letting go of the past to hold on to the present and grab a successful future.

You must let go of the past to be able to hold on to what you have in the present or to even see what is happening in the present and of course, to be able to hold on to the future. This will give you the confidence to progress into your future.

Many of us are burdened right now; we’re so heavy because we’re carrying a lot of burden. We’re carrying past wounds, past pains, past anger, past experiences, failed relationships, failed businesses, failed attempts at a career. We’re carrying all of this and it is sitting heavy on our shoulders. This is seriously affecting our confidence levels, how are you supposed to move on from the past and grow with all of this weight on top of you?

student be ready get confidence

Now, one thing I remember that my father always told me when I was younger; he always said that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. But how can the student be ready so that the teacher can appear? It means that you have to cleanse your mind, get yourself prepared, you must forget the past but not be in denial of the past.

You must accept that the past was a part of your life and it has made you who you are today. Your past happened to allow you to learn certain lessons that cannot be learnt elsewhere. Once you have accepted this you can finally move forward from it. You can grow your confidence from then on, once you have made it past the hardship, accepted it and now, finally, you can move on.

It is so important for us to be able to learn how to deal with the future you can do this by dealing with those things in our past that have dragged us down, that have caused confusion, depression and continuous failure. If you hold on to past pain I promise you there is no way the teacher, your success or your confidence can appear. When you hold on to things that are bitter you will never get the confidence you need to be the success I know you can be.

Learn from your past, accept that it is part of your legacy and move on to start dealing with the future.

Until next week, stay positive and have the confidence to move forward. I believe that 2018 will be your year for success you just need to put the demons of your past to rest.

Make the Decision for Success!

December 7th, 2017 by

Have you ever wondered if you are getting the most out of your life right now? Are you the success you have always dreamt of being? I think we all have, what we must remember is that today we build our tomorrow.

The first step in changing our lives is making the decision to do so. However, this decision is so hard to make. It is made even more difficult and stressful by knowing that this decision may be the most important one we will ever have to make. Whilst this process is happening your inner demons will creep out and encourage self-doubt, skewing the way you feel and making it even harder to decide.

When you make choices it is important to keep a level head, a clear mind and a strong understanding of what you need. This is why I have decided to share with you the four techniques I have put together and used in my own life to help myself make important decision. There is no perfect decision making process but these techniques will help you to make a clear and concise decision.


  1. Get a second opinion

Going with a gut instinct means that your decision is being highly swayed by your emotions which may not lead you to what you really want to do. Try to get a second opinion on what you really should do; this will help you get a bigger picture. Choose someone who you trust and someone who does not have a vested interest in the outcome.


  1. Gather and study all of the available information and facts

The outcome of big decision should not depend solely on how you are feeling in that exact moment in time. Feelings can change dramatically from one day to the next. Before consulting your gut feeling, try to take into account all of the important facts and assess the implications of each outcome. Consider the risk of each outcome; ask yourself who that outcome will affect? Is it feasible? Will it bring you the success you deserve?
be the hero success rescue


  1. Be sure to set yourself a deadline

While weighing up all of your options it is important to set a deadline. Spending too much time seeking out possible solutions and trying to pin point the right one can actually make the process more difficult and more stressful than it needs to be. While a certain period of time should be allotted for considering your options it may help to set a deadline for making your decision and then stick to it. Decide what would be a realistic timescale to make your decision by and write it down somewhere for your reference.


  1. Make a pros and cons list

Sit down and make a list of the pros and cons of each of your options. I know this is a very old technique for making a decision, but it is also one of the most effective. This will give you a sensible and well thought out decision. Take a sheet of paper, split it down the middle and write out the advantages and disadvantages on each side of the division. Now, rather than counting how many you have on each side, you should instead review and grade each point on a scale of 1 – 5. Make your assessment on how significant each pro and con is on your life, think about how each point will impact your life.


I hope I have given you some techniques you can apply in your own life and in your own decision making process. You can change your life and be the success you have always wanted to be, you just need to make that decision.

Until next time, be the hero in your success rescue.


Success Factors Series: As 2017 Draws to a Close it’s Time to Review your Success

December 1st, 2017 by

It’s December first, the last month of the year and as the end of the year draws ever closer I see the people around me reflecting and reviewing their 2017’s. Take a minute now to review your 2017. Have you had much luck? Have you made a success of yourself? Have you accomplished that one special thing you’ve always wanted – whether that’s an achievement in life or in business?

Success can often look like it is eluding us, particularly when we are in the throes of a dry season or perhaps a season of rest where it may look like nothing seems to be moving. Have you ever longed so hard for something, worked so hard, prayed and fasted so hard and it just seem like that desire is not being fulfilled?

Here’s the game changer, this is the one thing, the one success factor you’re missing out on. This is the one ingredient we often toss out ever so quickly when we are faced with challenges, yet without it, it is impossible to achieve our dreams.

have faith success 2017

This ingredient is so important for reconnecting with our passion and re-engineering our life purpose if needs be. The success factor is relentless and unadulterated faith. Without faith it is impossible to please our heavenly Father. When you have brought a request to his alter, we must leave it at the alter and not worry about it. I know, it is often easier said than done. In the face of adversity, no matter how difficult it is, no matter how it looks, we must exercise faith and believe that He has heard our cry.

There is a success season for everything under the sun. Your friends have their own seasons and so do you. It may seem that great things are happening to your friends and your season of greatness may appear to have been delayed. That does not mean that God has not heard your prayer, it simply means that your season is yet to come. A word of advice, stay in your lane, stay in your lane with GRATITUDE, rejoice for others who are in their season. Stay in expectation of your own success, it is nearer than you think and you can do things to make your season come early.

Now, think how has your 2017 really been? You have one month left to make 2017 count. What can you do to achieve something and make a difference?

Could you do some charity work? Could you take a course to improve your skills and knowledge? Could you take that trip you’ve always wanted to do?

Make your 2017 count today. Become a success. I believe in you.

Success Factor Series: How to Stop Worrying

November 16th, 2017 by

Today we’re tackling a very significant topic, ‘How can I stop worrying?’ This is a major success factor, learning how to overcome your constant worrying.

Have you ever heard yourself or someone else say:

  • “Lord, how do I pay my rent?”
  • “Lord, how can I get earn more money?”
  • “Lord, how can I feed my children this month?”
  • “Lord, how I become that song writer, how do I become that artist I want to be?”

Many worry and stay worried because of things that we cannot control. While there are things that we desire that really do need our attention. We must also accept that there are many things we cannot change no matter how many times we try. Worrying inhibits success.

I have a huge amount of people write to me and ask for advice or life coaching. Today we are focusing on a message received from Kevin in Cincinnati. He wrote to me and said:

Dear Princess of Suburbia,

I find myself always worried and in panic mode all the time. My nerves are shut down and I sometimes find myself struggling to even get out of bed. I am a 37-year-old recently divorced and single father who has been granted the custody of my 4-year-old daughter. I am worried that I may not be able to care for her as much as she needs as I am also working a lot.

I am very worried that if I keep missing my work I may get fired and may stand a chance of not even being able to provide a shelter for my daughter. I am just worried about everything, how can I stop worrying?

Kevin, Cincinnati

Kevin, my heart really does go out to you. I really do pray right now that God’s divine strength will come over you as you take on the task of being the sole provider for your daughter. It is never easy raising a child, let alone a 4-year-old girl who is probably very impressionable at this point and into a lot of things by now. My heart truly goes out to you.

success factors blow your worries away

Let’s talk about worries. In the bible the word of God says that we should resist from worrying as we really do not have control over events in our lives. Kevin, there is a reason that you are the one chosen to care for your daughter, trust in that. Truly trust in that decision. God has your back and you have all it takes to be the parent she needs. We are made in God’s likeness and in such we are all of his virtues. Worrying will only bring sickness, it will bring sickness for you, mentally and maybe even physically.

So here is how you will successfully overcome your worries, here is the success factor: Determine which of your worries you are able to take control of and go tackle the right away. Determine which worries you have absolutely no control over, take them and place them at the masters feet. Then let go, let go Kevin, let go. Trust that God will take care of you and your daughter. Stretch your arms in total surrender and watch will happen.

There is a motto that I use in my life journey and I am going to share this with you right now. I call it the stepping out motto:

S – Step out and shape up

T – Take Charge

E – Exercise your potential

P – Perform with excellence

O – Overcome with your inner strength

U – Use your talents to achieve unlimited success

T – Take the initiative to success

We must never be afraid of failure because wisdom is always at the other side waiting to thrust us into success. Failure is never the problem. Not learning from mistakes and not putting those mistakes to greater use is the problem. Some people live on the island of potential for their entire lives, others move from that island and refocus themselves onto the next steps. The choice is ultimately ours to make, it is important that we focus on our goals on a daily basis. It is what we put in front of ourselves that will consume us. So having your worries continually at the forefront of your mind will be all consuming. You must acknowledge your worries, determine which you can take control of and which you must lay to rest. That is the success factor.

Tackle your worries today.

If you have a problem you would like me to address in a blog post, just get in touch by emailing me at

You can learn how to achieve success and live the amazing life that you deserve by completing the 7 Days to your Amazing Life master class.

Release your Amazing Life

November 9th, 2017 by

Hi everyone,

Dr Princess Fumi Hancock here!

Today I am going to share with you the story of how I discovered, cultivated and delivered my vision. I will share a very an incredibly personal story with you, a story of my darkest moment. I will tell you where I came from to where I am now.

I am Dr Princess Fumi Hancock, I am not a Disney Princess. I am actually a Princess from the South West of Nigeria where the Adumori Royal family has ruled for centuries.

this is my success story

My journey to success began when I found myself in my car on the Verrazano Bridge in New York City. My foot was to the pedal and in that instant, as I was about to launch down from the bridge, I began to see a live reel of my life. All of a sudden I saw a vision of my babies, aged just two and four, suffering. I began to see that if I committed suicide the only thing that all I would leave them is the legacy of suicide. I heard in my mind: is this the legacy I want to leave my children?

At that point, when I was sitting there in my car on Verrazano Bridge considering taking my own life, I was not only suicidal, I was at the point of losing my marriage, I was homeless, I had my doctorate degree but without a job and I the found myself working at a convenience store. It was so bad that even the owner of that store would not put me in the store itself, I was put in the back working in the deep freezer! Although I am very thankful for this now and here’s why…

It was during my time in the deep freezer where I discovered the success blueprint to get me out of poverty. This is where I finally understood the steps I needed to take in my life to get out of the rut I was in.

Why am I sharing this very personal story? I want you to know where I was, how far I have come and how far you can come too.

I want to help you transform by giving you access to 7 Days to your Amazing Life, a success blueprint that you can use to change your life. Take a look at me, in spite of the suicide attempt, in spite of losing my business, in spite of losing my mind, in spite of losing my home, in spite of literally sleeping on the cold hard cement floor. In spite of all that and with determination, persistence and with prayer I was able to pull myself out of the hole I found myself in.

I share with you stories that will empower you. I will share with you opportunities, vision and hope that will empower you. Telling you and showing you that if someone like me can come into America and make it, then you have no excuse.

7 Days to release your Amazing Life will walk you through seven steps that will literally change your thinking. As some of you may know that it’s so important to change your mind-set in order to transform your life.

Here’s what is going to happen when you join the 7 Days to your Amazing Life movement… I am going to give you seven steps and some additional bonus tips to transform your life. If you dare to take those steps and apply them to your life I am telling you that just like me – award winning screenwriter, African Oscar winner, successful entrepreneur, best-selling author and top mentor – you can achieve your goals too.

I am telling you that if no one opens the door of opportunity to you, with the 7 Days to your Amazing Life you are going to learn how to kick that door wide open yourself and if they still don’t want to open the door you are going to create some doors for yourself.

unlock your amazing life

I understand that many of you work 9-5 jobs and that’s okay. You can take this interactive course at your own pace; as long as you take the course you can make a success of yourself.
Here’s what you will learn:

In lesson one you will learn a little more about me and understand that to be successful, you need to find your passion. You must discover or rediscover the passion that is living inside of you. I will explain that by changing your mind-set and creating a positive way of thinking will allow space for your passion to come through. Lesson one is supported by a workbook that encourages you to work out what your legacy is, what you want to leave behind in the world and therefore what your passion is.

Moving on to lesson two where you will learn how to ignite your passion, that’s right, you need to strike the match and get ready to sparkle! We will put some fire inside of you. You will find your calling. Those who are in the ministry will say it’s your calling, those who are in corporate will say it’s your passion or your vision. It really doesn’t matter what we call it as long as you can ignite it. With me, you will discover how to light it.

I will tell you an incredibly personal story about a situation that helped me to ignite my passion in writing and you will use your workbook to explore how you can create your dream, this lesson is key for releasing your amazing life.

If you don’t know how to ignite your passion, you will never be able to launch it! Which is the next lesson…

Lesson three will guide you through launching your passion, how to get started. Now, this is where people really get in to trouble. They go head first into launching it and then they get stuck. With 7 Days to your Amazing Life you are going to learn not just to launch it but also how to live it. This lesson helps you understand how you can live your passion. You do this by becoming a master in your area of brilliance, by becoming fully skilled in the area that your passion lies. I will show you how you can do this and the workbook associated will supply you with much-needed tips to launch your dream.

Once you start living it you will only then be able to start turning it into profit. Lesson four shows you how you can also live your life whilst also pursuing your passion. You must remember that it is important to take care of yourself. While we are so focused on the dynamics of building our business, we often forget to take time for ourselves. Live it has been created to help you step back, breathe and relax. The workbook invites you to take a hard look at various aspects of your life and assess whether they are healthy or not, so you can live your best life.

Now that you have discovered your passion, and you’ve launched your dream, you need to make some money from it. In lesson five will show you how to do this by delivering your gifts and talents to the world; it is your gift that will bring your profit. You will learn about the process that put me on the right path to making money. This lesson’s workbook helps you draw out the map of your empire and put together a prosperity plan.

The sixth lesson is all about sustaining your passion and your business. This is where most people fail as they forget that releasing your amazing life is not just about having the first success. What about the rest of the successes after that? You will discover how to establish yourself in your area of brilliance. The workbook will explain how you can invest in yourself to achieve the highest levels of success.

The final lesson is all about paying it forward, using your success to help others. I have established my own charitable foundation in Africa, the Adassa Adumori Foundation. You will start thinking and learning about some of the ways in which you can pay your successes forward too.

Unlock your amazing life – Access the course today.

I look forward to working with you!

Dr Princess Fumi Hancock in Saudi Arabia

November 2nd, 2017 by

Hello everyone!

I am delighted to share with you today a glimpse into my new life. Now, some of you may know that I have recently relocated to Saudi Arabia. This was a very big and exciting decision for me, leaving my amazing life in the US to start teaching in Saudi Arabia.

Let me tell you how this started….

I was speaking at an event out in Dubai, a few months later I was approached and asked if I would like to teach English in Saudi Arabia! My first thoughts were WOW what an opportunity!!! I then had to weigh up the benefits of going and the impact it may have on my life. After much discussion with my family, friends and business partners I decided that I would embark on a new adventure and see what Saudi Arabia had to offer me!

You will often look for your opportunity and expect that it is going to come from someone you know well and care about, or that it will come from a particular direction or location. Let’s take a moment to consider New York, think about how many people believe that their opportunity lies in the big apple and how many people return to their home towns disappointed! God has a plan and it may be that your breakthrough could come from someone or somewhere you least expect.

You must be prepared to grasp the opportunity that has been given to you and move forward. My breakthrough came to me from a totally unexpected direction. I had never before considered Saudi Arabia as a place to move to and grow my success but God had a plan and he has placed me here. He troubled someone for me, and that gave me this opportunity. I just needed to listen to the directions he was giving me and move forward. If someone had told me a year ago that I would be living in Saudi Arabia I would never have believed it! You do not know when your breakthrough is going to come but you need to learn how to recognise it when it does come. I have done this and I can show you how you can do it too.

You can be a global success

I arrived in my new home country just a few weeks ago and I must say, Saudi Arabia is an AMAZING country.  It is totally different to the US, I’m still adjusting but I love it, this is where I need to be right now to grow and continue my success. I look back on my past, through all the trials I have worked through and then forward to think about my potential future and think, yes, this is my amazing life, I’m living it and I want to help others live theirs too.

You can access your amazing life. You just need to learn how to recognise and build on opportunities that will be given to you in the future and also acknowledge the ones you may have missed. You need to be thinking globally, as my sister Wendy often says: ‘You cannot just rely on the good old dollar any more’! I know this because 85% of what I make comes from outside of the US and I’m not just talking about Saudi Arabia, people buy from me all over the world. I am globally recognized and you can be too. Think about your future and where you want to be in life.

If you’re ready to be a global success AND you want to get paid for it you need to join the 7 Days to your Amazing Life masterclass.

Women Entrepreneurs: Overcome your Storm

October 26th, 2017 by

We all go through a storm at some point of our lives; some of us may unfortunately have to face many of them. This is a fact of life. Storms are unavoidable but it is how we weather the storm that makes or breaks us. As strong, women entrepreneurs we MUST face the storm head on. If we do not, we will not succeed.

As the popular saying goes: life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain!

So let’s learn how to dance in the rain…

Have faith in religion and in yourself

Firstly, you must have faith in your Gods, whether you’re Christian, Hindu, Jewish etc. They have a plan for you. Believe that. They are testing you. You have a destiny, planned by the Gods that only you can fulfil.

Secondly, you must have faith in yourself. You have the power to get through the storm, if you didn’t the Gods would not put you though it. You must believe in yourself, you have been through so much already and I know you can make it through whatever it is your storm is bringing.

Take inspiration and advice from others

Although you were made to get through your inevitable and unavoidable storm, you cannot do it alone. You need help. Whether that’s support from your loved ones, a mentor or inspiration from others who have weathered their own storms.

Your loved ones can act as your emotional support, they’re there when you need a hug you when you’re close to tears or to make you laugh when you’re feeling low. They will always be by your side no matter what but what they won’t provide is the brutal truths that you sometimes need to get you through.

Your mentor can push you, give you the hard love and honest truths to get you in to gear. They can do this because they have travelled the same path as you’re walking now, they have been through the storms that entrepreneurship brings and they have made it through the other side. They understand business and they can help you.

Your storm may bring to you struggles that you feel you simply cannot overcome, here you need inspiration from those who have suffered in a different or far worse way to give perspective. You may find this inspiration from books, life stories, films or simply inspirational quotes from those who have conquered their storms and become successful.

You will find the inspiration and advice you need to weather the storm.

Face your storm

Take action

When your storm comes, you cannot just sit there and  wait for the storm to pass, you cannot feel sorry for yourself, you must get up and take mitigating action. You must learn to dance in the rain. Start by finding your support network, in God, in your loved ones, in a mentor. Speak to people about your storm they may have experienced something similar or they could help you to view your storm in a different light.

You need to manage your storm, take control and do not let it overwhelm you. Use your support network to do this. Together you can make it through.

I believe in you. You can overcome your storm and make it through the other side with your support by your side. You will not only make it through you will learn how to dance in victory, the rain will begin to slow and eventually end as you become victorious.