Dr Stephen Mansfield Masterclass

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Struggling to get started with your writing venture?

Do you have loads of ideas but can’t get them down on paper?

Simply can’t put pen to paper?

It’s time to write your success.


It’s time for you to advance your business through writing!

Dr Stephen Mansfield Masterclass

You can be a successful writer with this brilliant course led by New York Times bestselling author, Dr Stephen Mansfield. You will discover how Dr Mansfield became a global writing success and how you can too! He shares his personal experiences, tip and knowledge from the world of writing, sharing his secrets so you can succeed!

So if you’re suffering from writer’s block or simply can’t get started with your writing then let Dr Mansfield lead you with this amazing online course. Take the course at your own pace and return anytime with your own online learning area.

Write Your Success Today

Course Curriculum

Understand how Dr Mansfield transitioned from a pastor to an entrepreneur to a statesman

In a conversation led by Dr Princess Fumi Hancock, Dr Mansfield explains how and why he made the transition from a career in the ministry as a pastor, to a successful entrepreneurial writer and businessman, and how this led him to become a prominent statesman.

  • How Stephen Mansfield transitioned from being a pastor only to becoming a businessman and statesman

The Writing Process
Dr Mansfield provides tips on how to write naturally and successfully

In this lesson, Dr Mansfield takes you through three steps to writing a successful story that will become a bestseller. By sharing his own rituals and experiences he explains where to start in the process, and how you can become a confident and natural-sounding writer.

  • How to Master and Tame your Writing Gift
  • The Mindset of a Successful Writer
  • Life Lessons from his experiences writing classic books on past American Presidents

The Publishing Process
Dr Mansfield highlights tips and tricks to use in the publishing world

In this lesson, Dr Mansfield explains the traditional publishing process, and then discusses how you can make publishing work for you, in today’s world. Here, you can understand how to take charge of your own publishing experience. Dr Mansfield also discusses at length the world of rejection, and teaches you to make this an enjoyable part of the writing experience.

  • Tips to Overcoming Rejection
  • Tools, Tips, & Tricks to Successful Publishing

Marketing & Distribution
Dr Mansfield tells of his own experiences in the marketing and distribution of a novel

As he explains in the video, marketing & distribution is one of Dr Mansfield’s favourite topics. This is due to there being many fun ways to market yourself and your story. He highlights the difference between selling a book and selling a brand, and introduces you to his favourite print service, for easy worldwide distribution.

  • Let’s talk about Visibility – What’s platform got to do with it?
  • Strategies to Marketing: What works and what sucks!
  • Strategies to Distribution: What works and what sucks!

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