Passion Plan

A Guide to Writing your Passion Plan for Success


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Tired of your job?

Is your life feeling like a chore?

Fed up of doing the same thing every day?

It’s time for you to find your passion and profit from it.


It’s time for you to start your own Passion Plan…

Passion Plan

Are you ready to say ‘YES’ to your greatness? This is your time and this is the course you need to succeed. Dr Fumi Hancock shares with you the secrets that will make profiting from your passion and your delivering your vision a reality.

This brand-new course will give you actionable and practical steps to guide you in writing your Passion Plan to launch your success. Take the course at your own pace and come back to it anytime with your own online learning area.

So if you’re tired of your job or your life feels like a drag, you need to start learning how to transform today. Dr Hancock will give you the secret key to unlocking your passion. What are you waiting for? Transform your life with Passion Plan today.

Find Your Passion and Profit

Course Curriculum

Are you ready?

Are you ready to impact the world? Are you ready to say ‘yes’ to your greatness? Are you ready to start your business? Dr. Fumi asks you hard-hitting questions and shares key wisdom nuggets to prepare you for everything you will learn in this incredible course.

Your sphere of genius

Dr. Fumi outlines the course, describing each piece of learning to give you a clear vision of how you will find and live your passion.

Passion plan

This comprehensive lesson tears the veil on how you will write your passion plan, what to include in your passion plan and how your passion plan will help you on your journey to success.

Finding your why

In this lesson you will discover the success habits that you need to cultivate in order to find your ’why’. You will also learn the importance of having a clear understanding of what your ‘why’ is to enable you to write a successful passion plan.

Tools needed

Now you have started to answer those big questions Dr. Fumi has posed to you, you can move forward to actioning your passion plan. Dr. Fumi gives you the helpful tools you need to map out you passion plan.


This final lesson rounds off your learning with inspirational affirmations that will give you the ultimate key to unlocking the success you deserve.

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