Plan, Master, and Dominate your Brand™ to Make Millions

Learn how to gain additional income through branding


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Want to earn money fast?

Trying to build a brand but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to take your business to the next level?

It’s time for you to master your success.


It’s time for you to plan, master and dominate your brand to make your millions…

Plan, Master, and Dominate your Brand™ to Make Millions

Are you aware of the tricks to getting additional sources of income? No? Well, the good news is that you do not need to look elsewhere. Today, there are many fun and exciting ways to earn money, there is no need to stick to conventional means! This brand-new course will guide you in creating a brilliant brand.

Master Your Brand Today

Course Curriculum

The top two problems identified by my clients

Dr. Fumi Hancock identifies and discusses the two major fears expressed by her clients. She takes you through the three phases of the course and reveals an exciting secret.

Strategic Branding
What is strategic branding?

Learn how to discover your brand identity and consider why your business needs branding.

Licensing a Business or Brand
What is licensing for a business/brand?

Dr. Fumi uncovers the mistakes and myths about licensing and discusses why companies license their brands.

Mastering & Dominating Your Millions
Discover how to master and dominate your millions

Dr. Fumi offers three instant tips to master and dominate your millions. She then unveils the number one quickest and easiest way!

Building your Brand
Learn how to build your brand

Discover the phases of brand-building and the essential key to your success – marketing.

Your Brand Value
Dr. Fumi reveals the intricacies of owning a brand

Dr. Fumi answers multiple essential questions on holding your own brand, including: What is royalty? How do payment structures work? When is giving a low price to your brand beneficial? How do you calculate ROI?

Determine your Brand Worth
You will discover how to determine your brand worth

Learn how to determine your brand worth from Dr. Fumi who has experienced the trials and tribulations of owning a brand.

Increase your Brand Worth
Learn about the strategies you can deploy to increase your brand worth

Dr. Fumi reveals the one sure-fire way to add value to your brand. She discusses brand awareness and negotiation tactics.

7 For-Sure Ways to Build Retail Partnerships
Learn how you can build meaningful partnerships in retail

Learn how to initiate and develop meaningful retail partnerships with Dr. Fumi’s seven actionable techniques.

It’s a Wrap! What now?
The next steps on your success journey

This session helps you to consider the next steps on your journey to master and dominate your millions.

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