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HUGE Holiday Discounts to bring you Success in 2018

December 17th, 2017 by

The holidays have begun with many of you getting into the festive spirit and taking a well-deserved break from the daily grind! BUT it doesn’t always have to be a GRIND. You could transform your daily grind into something you actually enjoy. You could make your own success rather than just growing someone else’s.

How do you do it? Well, that’s why I’m here; I’m here to help deliver your success. I have built by success, I am delivering my vision and I am living my very best life. To help you make your vision a reality, as I have done, here’s your special gift, take advantage of it now before it expires:

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$402.97 OFF: Plan, Master and Dominate your Millions
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$20 OFF: Q & A with Dr. Stephen Mansfield
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You can get the success you deserve in 2018. Imagine making going to work not seem like work at all!

This vision can be yours, you just have to grab it right now with both hands. Do not miss out on your success, do not miss out on these amazing discounts.

NEW BRAND LICENSING WEBINAR: Create, Rent, and Bank your Ideas

October 17th, 2017 by

Hello my mountain-mover,

I am excited to share with you my new webinar that reveals essential lessons on getting your brand licensed. Register here, now, to make sure you get a place:


Let me tell you what you are going to learn on this webinar and introduce you to the idea of brand licensing.

By joining this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to create, rent, and bank your ideas, work less, earn mega bucks
  • How to LEVERAGE your brilliance, so you’re getting paid consistently, whether you’re working or not, and solve the cash flow rollercoaster you may be experiencing
  • How to exchange your authority, leverage your IDEAS FOR PROFIT, gain massive streams of income not dependent on wall street or overhead, and more opportunity to spend quality time with your family
  • The #1 DECISION you must reach TODAY to turn ideas into a mega income as an international brand licensor
  • Our innovative system which lets us make six figures without having to work with clients one-on-one so we can help more people, and make a much better income
  • The NEW WAY to build your business from scratch and earn $100,000 or more in a year
  • Why companies will pay top $$$$ for your next big idea without a patent

Why do you need to know about brand licensing

Well, simply put, if you throw brand licensing into your marketing activity and you’ve got a new income stream that manages itself. You will literally be making money while you sleep. The ultimate dream.


So, what is brand licensing?

Brand licensing is the leasing of your brand or, more generally, an intangible asset for a specific amount of time and money.  You can see examples of brand licensing everyday if you look out for it, think about your weekly trip to the supermarket…if you take a look down the candy aisle can you see how many products in this aisle uses Disney or popular branded children’s characters to sell their candy?

This is brand licensing. Disney has leased their branded characters to big candy brands to help them sell more candy and in turn Disney gets more exposure of their characters without having to put in much work themselves.

This of course has its risks, you may not like the way your brand is being used or you may feel as though you have lost control of your brand.

Don’t worry. You can combat this. To protect your brand story, you can put stipulations and guidelines around it so no one can change it.

This is just a small part of brand licensing. Before you even start thinking about getting your brand licensed you will need to build a stable, established and valuable brand that others will want to license and I can show you how…

Let me share with you my brand licensing secrets in my new webinar:


Create, Rent & Bank your Ideas
How to turn your ideas into a licensing $$$ money machine




I look forward to sharing my licensing secrets with you.

Take care my valuable visionary,


P.S. My webinars are popular because they present immediately actionable content. This webinar will likely fill up so register today.

Master Your Millions™ With GOD: Another Successful Retreat Wrapped-Up!

August 31st, 2017 by

Having recently arrived home from yet another successful retreat, I thought I would give you an update on how it all went: Amazing of course!!! Take a look:

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for attending and all my wonderful, powerful, speakers, I’m talking to you:

The three-day retreat took place at the fabulous Hyatt Place, Franklin, Tennessee with delegates jumping on planes to attend from across the USA.

We kicked off with religious workshops to encourage self-discovery and success through God, led by myself, Dr. David and Pastor Leighann. After a delicious lunch, we entered the exciting realms of marketing with our expert speakers Dan, Rachel, Markeith and Dr. Aikyna.

Our evening session entailed the Sister Tribe Leaders holding a round-table discussion followed by much-anticipated networking time; where my fearless visionaries came together to share their ideas and build their networks (essential for success!).

The second day furthered the idea of moving forward to success with the help of religion in the form of prayer. We held an insightful question and answer session with Dr. David and I; during which we had plenty of laughs and gave everyone a sneak peek into our eventful lives!

Flerida then gave an interesting workshop on investing in real estate – unveiling some golden tips to help us on our way to making the big bucks! Attendees then took to the floor to share how they are mastering their brilliance and their millions, with some fabulous idea sharing and discussion between the whole group.

Prophet Solomon led the afternoon’s events and the following day with insightful workshops on prophetic influence and prophetic activation in terms of business and career success.

The most unforgettable evening was of course the Forma Gala held on Saturday! I had a wonderful time getting to know everyone, discussing visions and learning from their experiences. We had some fantastic storytelling and I hope to see everyone again at the next retreat. If you would like to hear about my upcoming retreats, simply subscribe to my mailing list by clicking here.

Here are just a few of the many testimonials we received after the retreat:

“The setting and atmosphere was excellent. It was beautiful!!” – Christa Lee

 “I’m so thankful for everything that she [Princess Fumi] has outpoured this weekend. I am so thankful for all of the speakers that came out to speak.” – Patricia Osburn

 “Dr Princess Fumi led us into a more intimate realm in experiencing the holy spirit in our own way but in a corporate setting. So the intimacy of the room and the atmosphere was set for healing and deliverance. ” – Linda D Lee

“This seminar is a boost of energy.” – Gloria

“The whole retreat was a blessing from beginning to end.”– Tessa L Hall

Welcome, Let’s Deliver your Vision with Storyteller Bistro™

August 14th, 2017 by

Hello my wonderful visionaries,

Welcome to the Storyteller Bistro™ blog, designed to keep you updated with my latest insights and discoveries to aid you in delivering your story. If you have any topics or questions you would like me to address I would be more than happy to answer you, just drop me an email:

It is my goal to take you from where you are right now to get you where you desire to be, to deliver your vision and help you tell your story. So let’s get right into it…

Firstly, I want you to pause. Rethink the steps you are taking right now. Where’s your destination? Where will your next step take you? What’s currently missing that’s preventing you from success? Pick out your most beautiful notebook and write down your answers to these questions, don’t forget to date the page so you can refer back to it and see how far you’ve come. Together we will take your vision to the next level.

Today I want to start thinking differently on how you might make your vision a success. How you might deliver that vision. I want you to start thinking about giving birth to that vision.

I want you to carry your vision to term and birth it without any accidents.

Just like birthing your own children you are stretched to the maximum when you are delivering your child. You conserve your energy through your pregnancy until it is time to give birth to that child. Such is the case when you are birthing your destiny. Likewise, when you are birthing a divinely orchestrated vision: your mind is stretched and your heart is extended.

On the day that is destined to give birth to this baby called vision you must push past your body, your mind and the lies your enemy would whisper in your ears.

Push through the sarcasm of people around you, those who have told you that you will never make it; you must push through the ones who are constantly putting barriers ahead of your vision and push through your own mind which is hounding you with thoughts telling you that you are not worthy of such great gifts.

I dare you to push through and birth your dream.

Birth Your Dream Blog Image

This is the case for birthing your vision. So, if you’re frustrated or overwhelmed, in danger of giving up your dream. I dare you to push.

You are just one event away from making it. From making that dream come true. From becoming a writer, a singer, you are one event away from becoming that which you know has already been established and now you are just waiting for the manifestation. So push. Let me help you push.

This is just the beginning of our journey together. I need you to be inspired, be motivated, be of sentimental value and of course be authentic in everything you do.

Until next time, I dare you to deliver that vision. Write down your thoughts and feelings right now. Do you feel empowered to deliver your vision? Feel confident. I believe in you.


Dr. Princess Fumi .S. Hancock, M.A., Ph.D., DNP.