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Two NEW Courses to Launch your Success

January 5th, 2018 by

Following the massive success of the new Storyteller Bistro online school, I am super excited to announce the imminent release of not one but TWO new courses!!! These two courses perfectly complement the learning we already have on Storyteller Bistro and will help you to continue to develop and grow your success. Now, allow me to tease you with an overview of these brilliant new courses…

Are you ready to impact the world? Are you ready to say ‘yes’ to your greatness? Are you ready to start your business? Well, say ‘hello’ to Passion Plan, a success model developed by yours truly. This course will guide you through writing your own passion plan to make your own success. So if you are ready to say ‘YES’ to your greatness, this is the course you need to succeed in making your passion and your vision a reality. This brand-new course will give you actionable steps to enable you to write your passion plan and launch your success.

passion plan masterclass

This masterclass is made up of six lessons, each of which shares with you the knowledge, tools and actionable steps that will enable you to unlock your passion plan and consequently your success! This masterclass works perfectly in partnership with 7 Days to your Amazing Life.

Now to something even MORE exciting, a masterclass debut from my great friend and global entrepreneur, Wendy Alexander. Exchange your Currencies is an incredible course that will enable you to position yourself in the global market. There is no one more suitable than Wendy to teach the course, her experience is second to none, she has grown and developed her own business in the Middle East and her success continues to flourish globally.

Exchange your Currencies Masterclass

In nine comprehensive lessons Exchange your Currencies guides you through everything you need to know about going global; from the different laws and cultural regulations, to the importance of opening your mind to fully embrace a new culture and building your success in a different region. Wendy debunks common myths about the Middle East and even takes you through the different visa options you should be considering. So if you’re ready to become a global success this masterclass is a MUST.

Are you excited?

Me too…

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Release your Amazing Life

November 9th, 2017 by

Hi everyone,

Dr Princess Fumi Hancock here!

Today I am going to share with you the story of how I discovered, cultivated and delivered my vision. I will share a very an incredibly personal story with you, a story of my darkest moment. I will tell you where I came from to where I am now.

I am Dr Princess Fumi Hancock, I am not a Disney Princess. I am actually a Princess from the South West of Nigeria where the Adumori Royal family has ruled for centuries.

this is my success story

My journey to success began when I found myself in my car on the Verrazano Bridge in New York City. My foot was to the pedal and in that instant, as I was about to launch down from the bridge, I began to see a live reel of my life. All of a sudden I saw a vision of my babies, aged just two and four, suffering. I began to see that if I committed suicide the only thing that all I would leave them is the legacy of suicide. I heard in my mind: is this the legacy I want to leave my children?

At that point, when I was sitting there in my car on Verrazano Bridge considering taking my own life, I was not only suicidal, I was at the point of losing my marriage, I was homeless, I had my doctorate degree but without a job and I the found myself working at a convenience store. It was so bad that even the owner of that store would not put me in the store itself, I was put in the back working in the deep freezer! Although I am very thankful for this now and here’s why…

It was during my time in the deep freezer where I discovered the success blueprint to get me out of poverty. This is where I finally understood the steps I needed to take in my life to get out of the rut I was in.

Why am I sharing this very personal story? I want you to know where I was, how far I have come and how far you can come too.

I want to help you transform by giving you access to 7 Days to your Amazing Life, a success blueprint that you can use to change your life. Take a look at me, in spite of the suicide attempt, in spite of losing my business, in spite of losing my mind, in spite of losing my home, in spite of literally sleeping on the cold hard cement floor. In spite of all that and with determination, persistence and with prayer I was able to pull myself out of the hole I found myself in.

I share with you stories that will empower you. I will share with you opportunities, vision and hope that will empower you. Telling you and showing you that if someone like me can come into America and make it, then you have no excuse.

7 Days to release your Amazing Life will walk you through seven steps that will literally change your thinking. As some of you may know that it’s so important to change your mind-set in order to transform your life.

Here’s what is going to happen when you join the 7 Days to your Amazing Life movement… I am going to give you seven steps and some additional bonus tips to transform your life. If you dare to take those steps and apply them to your life I am telling you that just like me – award winning screenwriter, African Oscar winner, successful entrepreneur, best-selling author and top mentor – you can achieve your goals too.

I am telling you that if no one opens the door of opportunity to you, with the 7 Days to your Amazing Life you are going to learn how to kick that door wide open yourself and if they still don’t want to open the door you are going to create some doors for yourself.

unlock your amazing life

I understand that many of you work 9-5 jobs and that’s okay. You can take this interactive course at your own pace; as long as you take the course you can make a success of yourself.
Here’s what you will learn:

In lesson one you will learn a little more about me and understand that to be successful, you need to find your passion. You must discover or rediscover the passion that is living inside of you. I will explain that by changing your mind-set and creating a positive way of thinking will allow space for your passion to come through. Lesson one is supported by a workbook that encourages you to work out what your legacy is, what you want to leave behind in the world and therefore what your passion is.

Moving on to lesson two where you will learn how to ignite your passion, that’s right, you need to strike the match and get ready to sparkle! We will put some fire inside of you. You will find your calling. Those who are in the ministry will say it’s your calling, those who are in corporate will say it’s your passion or your vision. It really doesn’t matter what we call it as long as you can ignite it. With me, you will discover how to light it.

I will tell you an incredibly personal story about a situation that helped me to ignite my passion in writing and you will use your workbook to explore how you can create your dream, this lesson is key for releasing your amazing life.

If you don’t know how to ignite your passion, you will never be able to launch it! Which is the next lesson…

Lesson three will guide you through launching your passion, how to get started. Now, this is where people really get in to trouble. They go head first into launching it and then they get stuck. With 7 Days to your Amazing Life you are going to learn not just to launch it but also how to live it. This lesson helps you understand how you can live your passion. You do this by becoming a master in your area of brilliance, by becoming fully skilled in the area that your passion lies. I will show you how you can do this and the workbook associated will supply you with much-needed tips to launch your dream.

Once you start living it you will only then be able to start turning it into profit. Lesson four shows you how you can also live your life whilst also pursuing your passion. You must remember that it is important to take care of yourself. While we are so focused on the dynamics of building our business, we often forget to take time for ourselves. Live it has been created to help you step back, breathe and relax. The workbook invites you to take a hard look at various aspects of your life and assess whether they are healthy or not, so you can live your best life.

Now that you have discovered your passion, and you’ve launched your dream, you need to make some money from it. In lesson five will show you how to do this by delivering your gifts and talents to the world; it is your gift that will bring your profit. You will learn about the process that put me on the right path to making money. This lesson’s workbook helps you draw out the map of your empire and put together a prosperity plan.

The sixth lesson is all about sustaining your passion and your business. This is where most people fail as they forget that releasing your amazing life is not just about having the first success. What about the rest of the successes after that? You will discover how to establish yourself in your area of brilliance. The workbook will explain how you can invest in yourself to achieve the highest levels of success.

The final lesson is all about paying it forward, using your success to help others. I have established my own charitable foundation in Africa, the Adassa Adumori Foundation. You will start thinking and learning about some of the ways in which you can pay your successes forward too.

Unlock your amazing life – Access the course today.

I look forward to working with you!

Dr Princess Fumi Hancock in Saudi Arabia

November 2nd, 2017 by

Hello everyone!

I am delighted to share with you today a glimpse into my new life. Now, some of you may know that I have recently relocated to Saudi Arabia. This was a very big and exciting decision for me, leaving my amazing life in the US to start teaching in Saudi Arabia.

Let me tell you how this started….

I was speaking at an event out in Dubai, a few months later I was approached and asked if I would like to teach English in Saudi Arabia! My first thoughts were WOW what an opportunity!!! I then had to weigh up the benefits of going and the impact it may have on my life. After much discussion with my family, friends and business partners I decided that I would embark on a new adventure and see what Saudi Arabia had to offer me!

You will often look for your opportunity and expect that it is going to come from someone you know well and care about, or that it will come from a particular direction or location. Let’s take a moment to consider New York, think about how many people believe that their opportunity lies in the big apple and how many people return to their home towns disappointed! God has a plan and it may be that your breakthrough could come from someone or somewhere you least expect.

You must be prepared to grasp the opportunity that has been given to you and move forward. My breakthrough came to me from a totally unexpected direction. I had never before considered Saudi Arabia as a place to move to and grow my success but God had a plan and he has placed me here. He troubled someone for me, and that gave me this opportunity. I just needed to listen to the directions he was giving me and move forward. If someone had told me a year ago that I would be living in Saudi Arabia I would never have believed it! You do not know when your breakthrough is going to come but you need to learn how to recognise it when it does come. I have done this and I can show you how you can do it too.

You can be a global success

I arrived in my new home country just a few weeks ago and I must say, Saudi Arabia is an AMAZING country.  It is totally different to the US, I’m still adjusting but I love it, this is where I need to be right now to grow and continue my success. I look back on my past, through all the trials I have worked through and then forward to think about my potential future and think, yes, this is my amazing life, I’m living it and I want to help others live theirs too.

You can access your amazing life. You just need to learn how to recognise and build on opportunities that will be given to you in the future and also acknowledge the ones you may have missed. You need to be thinking globally, as my sister Wendy often says: ‘You cannot just rely on the good old dollar any more’! I know this because 85% of what I make comes from outside of the US and I’m not just talking about Saudi Arabia, people buy from me all over the world. I am globally recognized and you can be too. Think about your future and where you want to be in life.

If you’re ready to be a global success AND you want to get paid for it you need to join the 7 Days to your Amazing Life masterclass.

Women Entrepreneurs: Overcome your Storm

October 26th, 2017 by

We all go through a storm at some point of our lives; some of us may unfortunately have to face many of them. This is a fact of life. Storms are unavoidable but it is how we weather the storm that makes or breaks us. As strong, women entrepreneurs we MUST face the storm head on. If we do not, we will not succeed.

As the popular saying goes: life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain!

So let’s learn how to dance in the rain…

Have faith in religion and in yourself

Firstly, you must have faith in your Gods, whether you’re Christian, Hindu, Jewish etc. They have a plan for you. Believe that. They are testing you. You have a destiny, planned by the Gods that only you can fulfil.

Secondly, you must have faith in yourself. You have the power to get through the storm, if you didn’t the Gods would not put you though it. You must believe in yourself, you have been through so much already and I know you can make it through whatever it is your storm is bringing.

Take inspiration and advice from others

Although you were made to get through your inevitable and unavoidable storm, you cannot do it alone. You need help. Whether that’s support from your loved ones, a mentor or inspiration from others who have weathered their own storms.

Your loved ones can act as your emotional support, they’re there when you need a hug you when you’re close to tears or to make you laugh when you’re feeling low. They will always be by your side no matter what but what they won’t provide is the brutal truths that you sometimes need to get you through.

Your mentor can push you, give you the hard love and honest truths to get you in to gear. They can do this because they have travelled the same path as you’re walking now, they have been through the storms that entrepreneurship brings and they have made it through the other side. They understand business and they can help you.

Your storm may bring to you struggles that you feel you simply cannot overcome, here you need inspiration from those who have suffered in a different or far worse way to give perspective. You may find this inspiration from books, life stories, films or simply inspirational quotes from those who have conquered their storms and become successful.

You will find the inspiration and advice you need to weather the storm.

Face your storm

Take action

When your storm comes, you cannot just sit there and  wait for the storm to pass, you cannot feel sorry for yourself, you must get up and take mitigating action. You must learn to dance in the rain. Start by finding your support network, in God, in your loved ones, in a mentor. Speak to people about your storm they may have experienced something similar or they could help you to view your storm in a different light.

You need to manage your storm, take control and do not let it overwhelm you. Use your support network to do this. Together you can make it through.

I believe in you. You can overcome your storm and make it through the other side with your support by your side. You will not only make it through you will learn how to dance in victory, the rain will begin to slow and eventually end as you become victorious.

NEW BRAND LICENSING WEBINAR: Create, Rent, and Bank your Ideas

October 17th, 2017 by

Hello my mountain-mover,

I am excited to share with you my new webinar that reveals essential lessons on getting your brand licensed. Register here, now, to make sure you get a place:


Let me tell you what you are going to learn on this webinar and introduce you to the idea of brand licensing.

By joining this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to create, rent, and bank your ideas, work less, earn mega bucks
  • How to LEVERAGE your brilliance, so you’re getting paid consistently, whether you’re working or not, and solve the cash flow rollercoaster you may be experiencing
  • How to exchange your authority, leverage your IDEAS FOR PROFIT, gain massive streams of income not dependent on wall street or overhead, and more opportunity to spend quality time with your family
  • The #1 DECISION you must reach TODAY to turn ideas into a mega income as an international brand licensor
  • Our innovative system which lets us make six figures without having to work with clients one-on-one so we can help more people, and make a much better income
  • The NEW WAY to build your business from scratch and earn $100,000 or more in a year
  • Why companies will pay top $$$$ for your next big idea without a patent

Why do you need to know about brand licensing

Well, simply put, if you throw brand licensing into your marketing activity and you’ve got a new income stream that manages itself. You will literally be making money while you sleep. The ultimate dream.


So, what is brand licensing?

Brand licensing is the leasing of your brand or, more generally, an intangible asset for a specific amount of time and money.  You can see examples of brand licensing everyday if you look out for it, think about your weekly trip to the supermarket…if you take a look down the candy aisle can you see how many products in this aisle uses Disney or popular branded children’s characters to sell their candy?

This is brand licensing. Disney has leased their branded characters to big candy brands to help them sell more candy and in turn Disney gets more exposure of their characters without having to put in much work themselves.

This of course has its risks, you may not like the way your brand is being used or you may feel as though you have lost control of your brand.

Don’t worry. You can combat this. To protect your brand story, you can put stipulations and guidelines around it so no one can change it.

This is just a small part of brand licensing. Before you even start thinking about getting your brand licensed you will need to build a stable, established and valuable brand that others will want to license and I can show you how…

Let me share with you my brand licensing secrets in my new webinar:


Create, Rent & Bank your Ideas
How to turn your ideas into a licensing $$$ money machine




I look forward to sharing my licensing secrets with you.

Take care my valuable visionary,


P.S. My webinars are popular because they present immediately actionable content. This webinar will likely fill up so register today.

Free webinar: One sure fire way you can use writing to advance your business into a multi-million dollar empire

September 11th, 2017 by

Hello wonderful people and happy Monday to you all!

I am very excited to announce my FREE webinar to celebrate the launch of the all-new Storyteller Bistro. We will be unveiling the new learning platform and giving you a free masterclass taster where I will reveal the secret to advancing your business venture through writing – Don’t delay, sign up below!

If you really want to know how to master and tame your writing, this free webinar lays it all out for you!

Here’s just a sample of what I’ll cover during this incredible webinar:

  • What type of writing will further your business? How do they work?
  • How do I succeed in using writing as a business venture?
  • Where can I find an idea that will cost less than 99 cents to start a business venture?
  • How do I use this idea to work on building a business?
  • How do I turn this less than 99 cents idea into a simple, paid business venture?
  • Is there an inexpensive way of implementing this million-dollar worth idea?
  • How do you set up a creative business venture
  • Where do I find video, marketing and distribution strategies to enhance my business?
  • What is the best way to build visibility in my business?
  • Can I build an empire on writing?

…and much, MUCH More!

Sign up for the free webinar: Sept 27 9am (CST)

* indicates required

Remember to invite all your friends too – There will be a special reward that I will share with you all after the webinar…

I look forward to seeing you there,

Dr. Princess Fumi .S. Hancock, M.A., Ph.D., DNP.

Women Entrepreneurs from around the World: The Current Billionaires

September 7th, 2017 by

As some of you may know my new book, The Billion Dollar Dreamer, is soon to be launched! This is a very exciting time for me and really got me thinking about the women entrepreneurs who have worked hard and claimed their dreams. The women who inspire me to be the best I can be every day. When you visit the Forbes world billionaires list it really hits home that women entrepreneurs are not only few and far between but also little-known names.

Has anyone heard of Liliane Bettencourt? No? Well, let me tell you… Liliane is the first lady on the Forbes World’s Billionaires list! In 1907 Liliane inherited her father’s cosmetics empire and in 2017 her net worth is $39.5 billion dollars!

It’s interesting to go through the Forbes list and take a look at each person’s ‘self-made score’: a ‘self-made score’ of one indicates that their fortune was completely inherited and a score of ten tells us that they are a self-made success.

The first woman entrepreneur you will find who is recognised as ‘self-made’ is Rafaela Aponte. Rafaela met Gianlugi, a ferry ship captain who soon became her husband, and together in the early 1970s they launched Mediterranean Shipping, MSC, with just $5,000 and a ship to transport goods between Europe and Africa.  Together they are self-made successful entrepreneurs, but are there any women entrepreneurs featured on the list who have made it on their own?

women entrepreneurs zhou quenfei

Scrolling right down (straight past far too many faces of aging white men) to number 186 we find Zhou Qunfei, founder and CEO of Lens Technology. Zhou is a self-made billionaire, and her story is film-worthy…at sixteen she dropped out of school and started working in a factory, using her evenings to attend classes such as accounting and fire safety at her local university. Using the little money she made at the factory she founded her own company making watch lenses in 1993. Just a decade later, Motorola got in touch with her to help them develop a scratch-proof glass for its new phone. Following her successful work with Motorola other phone companies contacted Zhou for her expertise. In 2017, Zhou has 32 factories and employs more than 90k staff. She is the most successful woman entrepreneur on the Forbes list with her net worth at $7.4 billion.

The next self-made female billionaire is once again part of a husband and wife team that together co-founded a business which you may have heard of…Little Ceasar’s Pizza! After marrying in 1954, Marian and Michael Ilitch co-founded the renowned chain in 1959. Michael sadly passed away in early 2017, the family’s net worth is currently over $6 billion. The family currently come in at number 239 on the Forbes billionaires list.

Jumping down to Pollyanna Chu, listed at number 334, she is a self-made billionaire independent of her family’s hotel and casino business which could have easily supported her financially. Instead she has tripled her wealth in the last two years by launching her own financial group. Pollyanna is named as one of Forbes top 100 power women of 2016, ranking at number 42 and her net worth is currently at almost $5 billion. Pollyanna is a real inspiration as she refused to take the easy road of taking on her family’s business, instead she has truly made a name for herself.

Women Entrepreneurs The Current Billionaires

Be inspired to make a name for yourself, visit the Forbes world billionaires’ list. You will not only be inspired by the women entrepreneurs but also by the stark reality that the list is predominantly made up of older, white males. This short blog post was designed to give you a snapshot into the list of female billionaire visionaries and now I want to call upon you to deliver your vision, whether that’s to be a self-made billionaire or to write your own novel. As your vision midwife, I want to help you push to successfully deliver your vision, let me help you, sign up for my email insights and stay inspired. We can do this together.

Master Your Millions™ With GOD: Another Successful Retreat Wrapped-Up!

August 31st, 2017 by

Having recently arrived home from yet another successful retreat, I thought I would give you an update on how it all went: Amazing of course!!! Take a look:

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for attending and all my wonderful, powerful, speakers, I’m talking to you:

The three-day retreat took place at the fabulous Hyatt Place, Franklin, Tennessee with delegates jumping on planes to attend from across the USA.

We kicked off with religious workshops to encourage self-discovery and success through God, led by myself, Dr. David and Pastor Leighann. After a delicious lunch, we entered the exciting realms of marketing with our expert speakers Dan, Rachel, Markeith and Dr. Aikyna.

Our evening session entailed the Sister Tribe Leaders holding a round-table discussion followed by much-anticipated networking time; where my fearless visionaries came together to share their ideas and build their networks (essential for success!).

The second day furthered the idea of moving forward to success with the help of religion in the form of prayer. We held an insightful question and answer session with Dr. David and I; during which we had plenty of laughs and gave everyone a sneak peek into our eventful lives!

Flerida then gave an interesting workshop on investing in real estate – unveiling some golden tips to help us on our way to making the big bucks! Attendees then took to the floor to share how they are mastering their brilliance and their millions, with some fabulous idea sharing and discussion between the whole group.

Prophet Solomon led the afternoon’s events and the following day with insightful workshops on prophetic influence and prophetic activation in terms of business and career success.

The most unforgettable evening was of course the Forma Gala held on Saturday! I had a wonderful time getting to know everyone, discussing visions and learning from their experiences. We had some fantastic storytelling and I hope to see everyone again at the next retreat. If you would like to hear about my upcoming retreats, simply subscribe to my mailing list by clicking here.

Here are just a few of the many testimonials we received after the retreat:

“The setting and atmosphere was excellent. It was beautiful!!” – Christa Lee

 “I’m so thankful for everything that she [Princess Fumi] has outpoured this weekend. I am so thankful for all of the speakers that came out to speak.” – Patricia Osburn

 “Dr Princess Fumi led us into a more intimate realm in experiencing the holy spirit in our own way but in a corporate setting. So the intimacy of the room and the atmosphere was set for healing and deliverance. ” – Linda D Lee

“This seminar is a boost of energy.” – Gloria

“The whole retreat was a blessing from beginning to end.”– Tessa L Hall

Welcome, Let’s Deliver your Vision with Storyteller Bistro™

August 14th, 2017 by

Hello my wonderful visionaries,

Welcome to the Storyteller Bistro™ blog, designed to keep you updated with my latest insights and discoveries to aid you in delivering your story. If you have any topics or questions you would like me to address I would be more than happy to answer you, just drop me an email:

It is my goal to take you from where you are right now to get you where you desire to be, to deliver your vision and help you tell your story. So let’s get right into it…

Firstly, I want you to pause. Rethink the steps you are taking right now. Where’s your destination? Where will your next step take you? What’s currently missing that’s preventing you from success? Pick out your most beautiful notebook and write down your answers to these questions, don’t forget to date the page so you can refer back to it and see how far you’ve come. Together we will take your vision to the next level.

Today I want to start thinking differently on how you might make your vision a success. How you might deliver that vision. I want you to start thinking about giving birth to that vision.

I want you to carry your vision to term and birth it without any accidents.

Just like birthing your own children you are stretched to the maximum when you are delivering your child. You conserve your energy through your pregnancy until it is time to give birth to that child. Such is the case when you are birthing your destiny. Likewise, when you are birthing a divinely orchestrated vision: your mind is stretched and your heart is extended.

On the day that is destined to give birth to this baby called vision you must push past your body, your mind and the lies your enemy would whisper in your ears.

Push through the sarcasm of people around you, those who have told you that you will never make it; you must push through the ones who are constantly putting barriers ahead of your vision and push through your own mind which is hounding you with thoughts telling you that you are not worthy of such great gifts.

I dare you to push through and birth your dream.

Birth Your Dream Blog Image

This is the case for birthing your vision. So, if you’re frustrated or overwhelmed, in danger of giving up your dream. I dare you to push.

You are just one event away from making it. From making that dream come true. From becoming a writer, a singer, you are one event away from becoming that which you know has already been established and now you are just waiting for the manifestation. So push. Let me help you push.

This is just the beginning of our journey together. I need you to be inspired, be motivated, be of sentimental value and of course be authentic in everything you do.

Until next time, I dare you to deliver that vision. Write down your thoughts and feelings right now. Do you feel empowered to deliver your vision? Feel confident. I believe in you.


Dr. Princess Fumi .S. Hancock, M.A., Ph.D., DNP.