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Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock is not only a successful entrepreneur and mentor; she is also a bestselling author, screenwriter and film producer. You can purchase her work here.

I am a Storyteller Magazine

Don’t miss out on invaluable insights and information in this incredible magazine. You will be given access to life changing and inspiring tips from Dr Princess Fumi Hancock and other master storytellers. They will be sharing their expertise with you, creative professionals and emerging entrepreneurs, to empower you to turn your brilliance into millions!

Release Your Vision Torch!

Release Your Vision Torch will take you on a life journey. This book will help you to better understand your life, relationships, past failures and aspirations. It will encourage you to be honest with yourself, enabling you to restore strength and rejuvenate your life.

Your Vision Torch!

Your Vision Torch series will help you move from where you are now to where you are destined to be. This unique collectors edition contains three books: 365 Daily Vision Nuggets, Release Your Vision Journal and Release Your Vision Torch.

Of Sentimental Value

Of Sentimental Value tells a tale of family and traditions that make us who we are. This novel is sure to thrill and entertain, with a colourful mix of characters and intriguing storyline. This story has been brought to life in film with an eclectic mix of renowned actors and actresses.

Of Sentimental Value

Based on the renowned novel, Of Sentimental Value is a suspense-romance, which is sure to thrill and entertain. This story has been brought to life in film with an eclectic mix of celebrated actors and actresses. This film is a must see for all the family.

365 Daily Vision Nuggets: Wise Quotes for Life, Home, & Business

Your Vision Torch™ series is just that, like a light down a dimly lit path, it is a bright, beautiful, and bold wisdom-packed life-manual for those who are seeking success. Part of this insightful series is 365 Daily Vision Nuggets which provides a quote to inspire you everyday for any part of your life.

365 Days to Release Your Vision Torch Journal

Every successful path begins with a story and that story becomes part of our history, a guiding light to others who may follow. 365 Days to Release Your Vision Torch Journal encourages you to record your legacy to look back on and be grateful that you applied to your circumstances.

Gifts from Heaven

Miracles are all around us! They happen everyday, if we can only be in-tune with the Divine One….Our Creator, maker of Heaven and Earth. This book details real miracles that have changed people’s lives, including the story of Trevaun Barker, a man in his early twenties, who was shot ten times and survived!

How to Become Extremely Successful in 7 Easy Steps

If you are ready to take charge of your life, then this is the book for you. In this life blueprint to successful living you’ll not only learn how to create real and lasting changes in your daily living but you’ll also learn the seven effective strategies along the way.

7 Steps to Become Extremely Rich in a Depressed Economy

This unique book answers the question: How do I deal with the issues in my life? This guide will present very simple steps and habits of wealthy people, so if you are ready to take charge of your life and generate wealth with wisdom, then this is the book for you.

Inspirational Quotes to Seize the Day

Become stronger, bolder and full of zeal needed to change your story. This book will inspire you to seize the day; helping you to change your attitude by giving you daily wisdom nuggets.

Starting Right Now!

Starting Right Now!.. a devotional read for Today’s Women. It is compelling and exciting. A defined arena for exploration and self-discovery! An absolute must read for women attempting to renew their spirituality.

Beyond Idol Worship

Part autobiography and part inspirational journey this book invites you to join Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock in taking a blow at Satan’s kingdom. If you are experiencing oppression, depression or if spirits have beaten you down, this is the book to inspire and motivate you to transform your life.

My Destiny’s Quill

Dramatically improve your chance of success in life by discovering yourself and being empowered by others. With multiple exercises to help you transform yourself and your thought processes to put you on the path to success.

The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell: Hydra’s Nest

An exciting work of fiction, telling the story of a rebellious seventeen year old girl who is caught up in a series of mysterious and unfamiliar events. A battle line is drawn between ‘good and evil’ especially when there’s a full moon and dark forces swirl and turn up in the form of hideous monsters and frightening demons.

Quit Your Job in 90 Days!

This short read is for all the professionals and career-persons, who have spent time building other peoples’ dreams and are ready to launch their own legacy. Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock reveals the 7 distinct steps needed to quit that job and build a profitable business empire!

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